Help Tracy

Join us in helping a brave young woman, and also bring awareness to Neuromyelitis Optica


Tracy continues to improve but this is not an illness that will go away. She has to take a potent cocktail of drugs three times per day. The side effects of these drugs are debilitating with long term use. She also requires biannual infusions which are extremely expensive but will over time reduce her dependence on steroids. Care services and medical bills are taking a toll especially since her medical insurance no longer covers medical costs and she requires a 24-Hr care giver. Crowd-funding websites are therefore being used to raise both money and awareness. You may visit:

and donate. Donations may also be made in Jamaica via

1. Scotiabank
• Account Name: Tracy Ann Logan
• USD Account Number:642582
• JMD Account Number: 636734
• Branch: Mandeville

2. NCB
• Account Name: Tracy Ann Logan
• Account Number: 405144050
• Branch: Mona

• USD Account Number:1360571
• JMD Account Number:2910134